Volunteer Guide

1. Train yourself in a comprehensive way during the previous months: where I am going, with whom, what I am going to see and how I am going to deal with it, what I can offer. Be prepared!

2. Ask yourself what you want and how you are going to achieve it.

3. Look at everything with a clean eye and don't judge.

4. Be open: care for, respect and empathise with others.

5. Treat othersas equals, you are not superior to anyone, they should feel it.

6. Work to make living together with your classmates a pleasant experience.

7. Be the person you want to be, be an example of submission in coherence with your initiative.

8. Review your day-to-day, and change what you don't like, take action.

9. Don't regret something you didn't do, do it.

10. Sharpen your senses: Observe, listen, touch, feel and, above all, learn and grow.