What is cooperation at development?


The RAE defines "cooperate"as "to work together with another or others to achieve a common goal".

Therefore, it is about people, countries, organisations... working together. It is not about helping, no one is more than anyone else and no one has the magic solutions to the world's problems. It is about working together for a fairer world.

That common purpose to which the action of cooperating refers, in this case would be the development, but not just any development, it has to be Human and Sustainable.

What does it mean to be an international volunteer?
We have all seen images of a world that does not seem to be our own: advertisements, films, news, "realities" that, paradoxically, do not seem real, an alien world that one does not believe exists.

With the international volunteer activities we offer the opportunity to bring this world closer to the University, to be able to collaborate with different activities, to make the lives of many people more dignified. development For this reason, all the projects are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals of diary 2030, set by the UN. 

Doing volunteer activities international means immersing oneself in a culture, not judging it, integrating into a different society, making life easier for those most in need, going out of oneself and giving oneself without measure, understanding that we must build a more humane and dignified society.

As Steve Jobs said, Those who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world... are the ones who change it.    

Solidarity does not rest.