Recognition of credits

From Tantaka we encouragestudents, professors and the staff no professor of the University of Navarra to do volunteer activities .

We understand that the internship of volunteer activities must be a free and altruistic decision, in order to give the best of oneself to others.

However, it is important to know that students can obtain academic credit recognition for participation in solidarity and cooperation activities. Therefore, all those volunteers who complement their volunteer activities with a training and a report will obtain optional credits. 

A maximum of 3 ECTS credit can be recognised along the degree program for activities of volunteer activities. 

No more than 1 ECTS credit may be recognised on the same area of volunteer activities, except in the case of volunteer activities for cooperation, where up to 3 ECTS credit may be recognised, if the requirements of requirements are met. 

Only 1 ECTS credit can be recognised for solidarity activities per academic year.

requirements to obtain credits for volunteer activities

- To take a training course organised by Tantaka related to the volunteer activities being carried out. 

- Go to volunteer activities with one of the associations with which Tantaka collaborates. 

A minimum of 25 hours, except in the case of volunteer activities cooperation, in which a minimum of 4 weeks must be completed if you want to validate qualification the 3 ECTS credit.

- Reflect on the experience of volunteering and write a report.


Steps to achieve the certificate

For apply for your certificate you have to submit the following documentation:

- certificate of having made the training course.

- certificate of the association in which you have collaborated, stating the hours of volunteer activities .

- report from volunteer activities.


You can send it all by post to or bring it by hand to our offices. 

Once the documentation has been submitted, we will contact you at contact so that you can pick up your certificate on the date we indicate.



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