Scholarships and Grants Programme

In addition to the resources available from Scholarships and Grants The UAPD will keep all students informed of the calls for scholarships and grants for students with disabilities. The following can be highlighted:


The UAPD will work together with the coordinators of International Office of the University of Navarra and of the host or home universities, for the management of aid, resources and support that the student may need throughout the period of training, both in Spain and abroad.

  • It coordinates with the Career Services service of the University the offers of work and internships.

  • Keeps students with disabilities informed of internships and offers from work that come through the agreement of the ONCE Foundation and FSC Inserta, for the Participation of University Students with Disabilities in External Internships.

  • Keeps students with disabilities informed of internships and offers from work that come through the Universia Foundation.


Universia Foundation launches its new call for scholarship applications Generals 2021

150 scholarships of €1,000 will be awarded to university students with disabilities.

Taking into account the importance of promoting educational equity and empowerment of people with disabilities, Universia Foundation wants to promote experiential, digital and global lifelong learning, aimed at addressing the opportunities offered by the transition to a new model labour market. The Programme is an individualised and personalised proposal to support experiential educational projects that enable lifelong learning and development staff in order to increase the options of access to employment as an employee or self-employed person.

Specifically, the Universia Foundation is creating grants of €1,000 each so that students can choose the quality higher education training that best suits their training needs and professional preferences, respecting the vocation and motivation of each person. Applications can be made until 28 May 2020.

More information on the call for applications on the Universia Foundation website