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Sustainable Improvement

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Mejora Sostenible intro

The group  Sustainable Improvement develops models and tools that help companies to contribute to sustainable development , promoting the progressive integration of circularity throughout the business model with triple impact objectives: economic, environmental and social. These models and tools are developed at both strategic and operational levels (the latter following a Lean Philosophy based on data, Lean-Six Sigma).

We are currently working on:

 development of methodologies for the implementation of industrial symbiosis to facilitate the adoption of circular economy principles.

 Tools and techniques for the implementation of the Circular Economy in SMEs.

 Strategies for the deployment and evaluation of sustainable and circular production.

 Telemetry and diagnosis of water consumption in production processes.

 Data science projects in the field of industrial process improvement.

We actively collaborate with other universities (Harvard University, MIT, IESE Business School, Bentley University, Mid Sweden University, University of Mondragón, University of the Basque Country, University of Deusto, International University of Catalonia, Pontificia Javierana University, University of Montevideo, Panamerican University, University of La Sabana. And also different public bodies with which we have working agreements (Diputación de Gipuzkoa, Mancomunidad de San Markos, NaturKlima, ...) and we are at contact directly with the organisations: Food Cluster Basque Country and La Rioja, Aclima, Ihobe, Corporate Excellence-Center for Reputation Leadership....

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Miembros del grupo de Mejora Sostenible

Members of the group

Visor de contenido web (Global)



Elisabet Viles Díez



+34 943 219877 Extension: 842455

View CV "View CV of Elisabet Viles Díez".

María Jesús Álvarez Sánchez-Arjona



+34 943 219877 Extension: 842488

View CV "View María Jesús Álvarez Sánchez-Arjona's CV".

Carmen Jaca García



+34 943 219877 Extension: 842476

View CV "View Carmen Jaca García's CV".

Marta Ormazabal Goenaga



+34 943 219877 Extension: 842599

View CV "View Marta Ormazabal Goenaga's CV".

Javier Santos García

Full Professor


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842489

View CV "View Javier Santos García's CV".

Martín Tanco Rainusso

Adjunct Professor


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842492

Graciela Raquel Buitrón Rosas

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842564

María Sol Cavallieri Balduccio

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842592

Kiana Keshavarz

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842526

María Josefina Mariné

Research Technician


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842576

Laura Cristina Ramírez Rodríguez

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842598

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Aplicaciones anidadas


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