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Guillem Ripoll Pascual

School of Economic and Business Sciences University of Navarra
Lines of research
Motivation for public service, Public ethics, management of human resources in the public sphere

Between 2010 and 2014 I studied the Degree 'Political Science and Public management ' at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Once I finished the Degree, I took the Master's Degree 'Research in Political Science' (academic year 2014-2015) offered by the Pompeu Fabra University. At the end, I started the doctoral program 'Politics, Policies and International Relations' at UAB, where I worked for 4 years, being recipient of a financial aid FPU (training de academic staff Unviersitario), in the thesis 'Public Service Motivation and Ethics: from Theory Building to Theory Testing' (2015-2019). Right after finishing my doctorate I started working as a lecturer at the University of Navarra (School of Economics and Business Administration), where I currently development my teaching and research tasks.
Beyond the variety (14 subjects; Degree and Master's Degree; English and Spanish; national and international) and volume (a total of 745h) of teaching carried out, it is worth highlighting how the continuous training has influenced my teaching. The fruit of this training is not only reflected in the students' satisfaction surveys, in their performance or in the skills they cultivate, but also allows me to develop innovative teaching strategies such as the use of the 'Service-Learning' methodology in subject 'Demography' (during two consecutive courses) or the development of an innovation project professor aimed at adapting teaching to the new post-pandemic context using micro-videos as learning pills.
My research experience was born with the elaboration of a theoretical article aimed at exploring the relationship between motivation for public service and ethics, which was published in 2019 in a new journal created by the 'Public Management Research Association', one of the main international associations of public management . From this theoretical piece, 5 empirical articles have been developed and published in prestigious journals (mainly Q1 and Q2), in which I have worked with different co-authors. Other pieces of my research have been published in a textbook (edited by INAP) and in two book chapters included in 'Research Handbooks' of management public (edited by Edward Elgar).
In relation to the tasks of management, during the doctorate I participated in the regulation of the attendance in the teaching offered by doctoral students in the department. Also, from the academic year 2019-20 until now I am: coordinator of 5th year and of the programme 'International Seminar I', Deputy Director of the Degree 'Economics + Leadership & Governance' and link between the School of 'Economics and Business Studies' and the Degree 'Philosophy, Politics and Economics'.