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Two large Navarrese entities, Volkswagen Navarra and the University of NavarraIn 1998, they signed an agreement agreement in which they expressed the need to establish a close relationship between the academic and business spheres. As a result of this agreement , the Chair of Quality Volkswagen Navarra University of Navarra was born.

After more than ten years working for quality, through the teaching, the research, the consultancy service and the promotion of the culture of quality, the Chair of Quality Volkswagen Navarra University of Navarra was renamed in 2010, Chair of business Volkswagen Navarra - University of Navarra. The new approach covers, in addition to area quality, other business aspects such as the production system, product improvement, logistics, human resources, IT systems and finance, among many others.

The Chair of business has as its main goal to develop projects that are of interest both for groups of research of the University of Navarra and for Departments and areas of Volkswagen Navarra. The multidisciplinarity, and the coordination and integration of the work groups of both organisations represent the factor core topic in the successful development of these projects. Visibility is also a crucial element in the new progress of Chair, both from the internal point of view of both entities, and from the external aspect of showing the results obtained to any entity, be it business, Chair, university or association that is interested in learning about our activity. The teaching will also play a role in the Chair, based on the development of activities with students, such as visits to the plant, presentations by managers in subjects, or sessions at Volkswagen Navarra facilities.

The commitment and ties established in 1998 between the two entities are being strengthened even further and new branches of partnership are being sought with the intention that both Volkswagen Navarra and the University of Navarra will improve every day and continue to be organisations of reference letter in their respective fields and contribute to the improvement of Navarrese society.