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The world of sport has become so professionalised that it requires specialists in different areas to make the right decisions at all times. In this decision-making process, the legal field is of vital importance: understanding the obligations and responsibilities of the different actors in the sports scenario, knowing and interpreting the different regulations and their impact on the business of sport, mastering the mechanisms for conflict resolution, are fundamental aspects required of legal professionals to work in the sports sector.



Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Module I

The sport ecosystem and its actors

- The organisation of sport
- Sports federations, clubs and associations
- Public administrations (local councils and autonomous communities)
- Sports facilities: obligations and responsibilities
- Sponsors, brands, insurers, media and representation companies.


Module II

Conflict in sport

- Main conflicts between entities and athletes
- Disputes between entities
- The discipline sports: responsibilities and sanctioned rights
- Mechanisms for out-of-court settlement of disputes in sport
- Crimes in sport: violence, doping, match-fixing, non-payment of taxes, etc.

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Module III

The business of sport

- Commercial regulation of the sports business
- The financing of sport: sponsorship, image rights, subsidies etc.
- Identification of legal risks and business risks
- Taxation and taxation, sports betting



Module IV

Sport as a profession

- Professional sportsmen and sportswomen
- Employment relations: contracts, obligations of the parties, image rights
- Sports agents: obligations and responsibilities, relationship between brands and sponsors.
- Sports companies and the media: event organisation
- New trends in sport: eSports

Aplicaciones anidadas




→ Students of the School Law School.

→ University graduates in law, business administration and sports science.

→ Sport professionals working in management and sport organisation.

→ Lawyers working or wishing to work at area from legal aid.




→ General: 850 euros.

→ Alumni, ADESP, Indurain Foundation and MICAP (10% discount): 765 euros.

→ University of Navarra students (20% discount): 680 Euros

→ Before 30 June: 10% additional discount.

Aplicaciones anidadas


7.X.22 - C.1. Regulation of audiovisual rights revenue

21.X.22 - C.2. Alternative financing formulas

4.XI.22 - C.3. Commercial exploitation of the image of sport

18.XI.22 - C.4. Legal regime for sports betting

20.I.23 - C.5. Taxation of professional sport and organisations

10.II.23 - D.1. Legal Status of the Professional Athlete

24.II.23 - D.2. Player transfers

10.III.23 - D.3. Representation and intermediation in sport

24.III.23 - D.4. Organisation of sports events

21.IV.23 - D.5. New trends: e-sports