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Teaching Simulations

Aplicaciones anidadas


Simulations are teaching actions that allow student to bring the student closer to the reality of the professional activity he/she will carry out in the future. In this way, they not only apply the knowledge they have learnt, but also put on internship competences beyond the purely theoretical knowledge .

It is important to know that if we use this methodology properly we will achieve numerous benefits among our students:


It is an activity that has been proven to be effective for learning and reduces the time needed for learning.

Simulations stimulate deeper, non-memorised learning. 

They allow training in techniques, e.g. medical techniques, which if performed on real patients would raise sensitive ethical issues. In this way, professional skills and reactions can be learned that would otherwise be impossible to practice. 

They help student to deal with new and unforeseen problems similar to those they will encounter in their professional life. 


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