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Being a teacher requires creativity and ingenuity. It is a daily challenge that involves knowing how to combine very different facets. Like a Rubik's cube, the teacher has to know how to turn and assemble the pieces so that they all fit together. Through this website, we will try to provide teachers with resources and inspiration to improve every day their teaching and speech with students.

What will you find here?
The website is divided into 4 tabs: TEACHER 0.0, TOOLS, METHODOLOGIES and EXPERIENCES.

TEACHER 0.0 - Here you will find content on the fundamentals of Education. Anthropology professor, psychology and pedagogy in a format adapted to all teachers subject .

TOOLS - There are a myriad of resources that can be used to support the teaching teacher. All of them have their pros and cons. It is up to the teacher to assess which of them can be useful in their daily work .

METHODOLOGIES - This section shows different methods of teaching that teachers can use in their subjects. Videos with examples of specific methodologies and pdf explanations of how to implement some activities.

EXPERIENCES - Interviews and videos of different teachers where they tell us about their personal experiences in the world of teaching.

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