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Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Welcome to #BeBrave!


If you have come this far, it means that you are concerned about Humanities.

We want to offer you a small space where you can immerse yourself if you are passionate about art, narrative or poetry. But also if you are interested in diplomacy, if you like to listen to different opinions and debate, or if you want to learn about politics from a deeper and more reflective perspective. There is also room for philosophical and literary questions... we go as far as our students want to take us!


Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


In this interdisciplinary media you will learn about the ideas generated by university humanists and you will be able to enjoy weekly recommendations so that you can learn more about your favorite topics through other platforms.

These are the sections you will find



A space that invites you to reflect on current topics of interest to students and teachers. Current affairs, variety and initiative! This section will mark the theme that we will address this month. In addition, we will launch a question so that you can continue the thread on your own... 

Do you want to propose the next topic?



A section dedicated to the literary world to approach it from all perspectives subject . Reading is always recreating and we try to spread and rediscover all the nuances hidden in the literary world. We will talk about great authors and works, but we also want to read yours. So we encourage you to send us your creations. 

Do you want to propose the next play?

Aplicaciones anidadas



For art lovers... we invite you to look at art in a different way! Cinema, visual culture, painting, theater, performance, sculpture, architecture, dance and music. Break with stereotypes and give free rein to your cultural spirit, this is the place to look for inspiration. 

Do you want to propose the next look?



In this section you will find tips and publications that you can find at financial aid. Our publications in this section will have to do with all subject of creations and the formal aspects that accompany them. We will clarify the most frequent doubts and mistakes, and we will share exemplary essays that can be useful for guide.  

Are you proud of any of your texts?



In this section our teachers, students and future students will be able to express their opinion on the current issues that we have brought up during the month in the magazine. You will be able to answer the question posed in "Thinking". Courage requires expressing opinions and, in the same way, provoking them. We like to give our opinion and we want you to give your opinion, better brief, concise and well-founded: send us your opinion in 140 terms, so that we can give place to many voices along with yours. 

Would you like to share your point of view with us?

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What do we publish in BeBrave?

Aplicaciones anidadas


Content generated by students from School of Philosophy and Letters.


Prose, verse, essay, criticism, reportage... you name it!


We accept all formats: texts, podcasts, videos, photography, drawings, etc. subject . 

Aplicaciones anidadas


The maximum length of written texts is three sides.


It will be posted once it is C by the committee of essay.


You can contact us at

Aplicaciones anidadas