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God save the United Kingdom

Ivan Sanchez
Iván Sánchez Marañón3rd year student of Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), analyzes the current status in the United Kingdom after the death of Queen Elizabeth II last September. In his article, our student reflects on the bequest of the monarch and on the political instability in England, which is going through a time of great change.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II after 70 years ruling the United Kingdom and the subsequent ascension to the throne of Charles III filled the media a couple of months ago. We could see a myriad of news around Elizabeth II: remembering her reign, following her funeral and analyzing the multitude of events taking place in the UK. Since then, we find much less interest in the new monarch, Charles III. However, the future of an entire nation depends on his reign, and the bequest of Elizabeth II will become little more than longing and nostalgia if the king does not rise to the occasion. Unfortunately, in addition to all the crises in which the country is immersed, there is the very rise of Carlos III to the crown.

To begin with, while Elizabeth II had the support of the majority of the citizenry.the new king is not so lucky and is perceived as somewhat capricious, presumptuous and, above all, incapable of governing a country in such a delicate status as the current one. All of the above, added to the bad memories of the incidents surrounding Princess Diana, mean that Charles III is not well liked by his new subjects. This lack of popularity is dangerous. If the king does not have a sufficiently high acceptance by the population, it is very likely that this loss of reputation would end up having repercussions not only on the person of the king, but also on the institution of the Crown itself. In other words, one of the most important problems that the coronation of Charles III could pose is that English society would be divided between those in favor of the monarchy and those against it. This would be yet another of the many divisions that plague the country.

On the other hand, it is difficult to deny that the monarchy - when duly supported by the people - can become an institution that brings stability to the politics of the whole territory. Therefore, that such a long-lived institution, which, under the right leadership, has enormous potential for internal order and peace, is now under threat cannot be a good thing. This is not to say that discussion about the Crown should not be addressed, it simply points to the fact that now is not the right time to have this discussion, as the country needs to be more united than ever to survive.

To solve these dangers would be enough, a prioriThe real problem lies precisely in the fact that Charles III does not transmit such an image. The real problem lies precisely in the fact that Charles III does not convey such an image. sample Returning to what we have mentioned, this new king seems to be more focused on his own concerns than on those of the citizens, and he does not appear as someone capable of taking the reins in such a risky moment as the one we are in. And, unfortunately, the fact that he had decided to take a vacation day after only 5 days in the position seems to confirm our suspicions. If this is the case and Charles III ends up being the flimsy leader he looks like he is going to be, the UK will be in serious trouble.

As if that were not enough, the transience of the Truss government further complicates status and fuels the bonfire of political instability that is scorching the country. Let us not forget that we are talking about a government that has had 5 prime ministers in just 6 years. Given such a scenario, having to deal with a change of monarch that does not seem Pass to face the challenges does not appear as a very promising horizon. In other words, the leadership seems to be adrift and the appointment of Charles III would only aggravate the difficulties, making them more painful if possible.

In short, the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the consequent appointment of Charles III is the icing on the cake of instability choking the United Kingdom. In a situation full of problems such as the economic recovery after the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis choking Europe, added to the internal instability caused by polarization and excessive alternation of governments, the death of Elizabeth II has left a whole country orphaned. God save the United Kingdom! Because the king will not.

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