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#Poetry in 280 characters

Poetry to enjoy on Twitter. Xiomara Tejada, first year student of the
year student of Degree of Literature and Creative Writing, gives us some verses in the form of tweets
in the form of tweets from her account @xiomaratejadap.

#Poetry in 280 characters

#Poetry in 280 characters"They say the Earth collided with a twin planet to create the moon. Now I understand the clash of our polar opposites, and how the universe had to be created to understand your laws and how the moon began in my eyes and ended in others. There I understood the gravity of loving you."

"We are polar opposites who attract but don't understand each other. Like a magnet that can't get away from you by force, but that live well together.

"Where someone sees art, the other can never see the opposite. Because even white and emptiness are forms of expression. Even when you feel indifference to something you don't consider art, it is valid as such, expression has a freedom that we can neither enclose nor condemn".

#Poetry in 280 characters"What a difference there is between the beginning of an end and the end that brings something into existence."

"And what do you do with the excess of ink on your fingers. And what does one do with the excess of no verse, written by my lips on the back of your back, to the same one I swore I would never hear from again, if other kisses spoke of you."

"There is so much insomnia in people who want to dream...and so many people who sleep who do not dream...that, if they saw the moon, they would understand the idealism that exists in the realism of their wolves."

#Poetry in 280 characters"When fear comes through the door, you can only do two things, either hide behind it waiting for it to leave, knowing that it may never leave, or open it and look it in the eye and know that you have let the urge in through the window."

"I don't know if disappearing from here is going to make it possible for me to appear somewhere else, or if fears are really not scary if you have them."

"And what do I do with the lack of inspiration? That which was created with the disorder of what in me you reigned, proclaiming the republic of your peace, in me, war."

I chose twitter as a method of writing because you don't need many words to make art.
I have started to use this social network because I see the possibility to reach others in an easier way.
easier way.


#Poetry in 280 characters



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