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Cry for Federico García Lorca

Last week we celebrated two very important cultural events: Poetry Day and Theatre Day. From BeBrave we do our bit with a very special poem staff. The student of Degree in Literature and Creative Writing, Clara Buedo Sotoca, presents the verses dedicated to one of the great Spanish poets: Federico García Lorca.

...That it was in Granada the crime sabed
-poor Granada-, in your Granada! 

Antonio Machado


Death passed through Granada
-among voices and clapping hands-:
"They have killed Federico!
The one who sang to me!
Right here! In the city
that bleeds and bleeds".

I'm telling you. The crime was in Granada
-almost ruby city and almost hope-,
in his Granada!

So much his own that it seemed that within
the walls, the stones wept:
"Federico's flesh is dead!
Because the one who sang to us is still alive!"

 I tell you, still gurgling
the grief between the plaster and the gravel,
and the ivy howls for the crime seen
On the breasts that suckled him.
Those of his mother Granada!

Therefore there was no earth, no rock, no brier
nor bush that dared
to cover his silver language .
So only a crown of gunpowder remains
and stars on the new prince of the Rauda!

So, if you don't know where to leave flowers,
take them to where the water weeps.
What if you don't know where, -I'm telling you-:
Leave them around the Alhambra.
Because Federico is still alive all over Granada,
in his Granada!

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