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For you, what should be a good day? Germán Beltramo, student of Philology Hispánica, tells us through Federico. Sometimes, a day in the life of a person can tell us more about them than a lifetime.


A good day

Or how Federico changed his routine.

In a small neighborhood of a big city, there lived a man with very little to tell. His name was Federico, but at work he was called Fede because it was shorter and did him more justice: he gave short greetings, answered with short sentences and drank coffee that he brought from home. In short, Fede didn't interact with people and even he considered himself boring. Nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened to him, nor had he ever done anything he remembered with special fondness. All his clothes were gray, the only decoration in his apartment was a vase of fake flowers and his days were a repetition of a tedious routine.

One cold December 30, returning from work, something happened: Federico bought a lottery ticket. He passed a salesman and, without really knowing why, he bought a ticket. When he got home and wondered where such an impulse had come from, he couldn't find the answer. He spent the whole afternoon thinking and went to sleep a little upset and without a convincing explanation. But he could not fall asleep and he spent the whole night thinking about it.

As the day broke, he jumped up two hours earlier than usual with a smile on his face. He had come to the conclusion that the purchase of the ticket was part of the destinationHe was destined to win, so that December 31 was going to be a good day. With this thought in his head, Federico sang in the shower, dressed in a combination of three shades of gray and watered his flowers, even though they were plastic. He left for work whistling and on the way he bought a colorful hat. At work, his colleagues could not believe their eyes: he greeted everyone with two kisses and a hug, told jokes and wished a happy new year at every turn. When asked why he changed his attitude, he would simply reply that it was a good day. He could finally talk to members of the office without feeling bored and everything seemed to sparkle in his eyes.
When he finished the workshop, he knew there was only one thing left to do. So he took a small detour on his way home to pass in front of a TV store. There he could see the advertisement of the New Year's lottery winner who, to his utter surprise, was not him. The issue on the screen was not even close to the one on his ticket; what's more, not even three digits matched. Not knowing what to think, he kept walking, his eyes on the ground. He continued on his way home, lost in thought and confusion, sighing for a good day, which in the end was not a good day. Arriving at his building, he looked up and was met with a surpriseFede: a colleague from work, who until then he didn't know was also his neighbor, was waiting for him with an open door and a friendly smile on his face. Fede was stunned for a few seconds, smiled too and said to himself that maybe it would end up being a good day, and went into the house happy.

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