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Who is María Egea?

María Egea Zerolo was born in Madrid on 20 January 1981 into a family of four siblings. She studied at high schooldel Sagrado Corazón and later at high schoolde Jesuitas in Madrid. In the last years of her high school discovers her vocation as a nurse based on the desire to be close to the person who is suffering.

She studied nursing at the San Juan de Dios School of the Pontifical University of Comillas. After completing the diploma program, and after working in the haematology department of the Hospital de la Paz in Madrid, she moved to the Clinique des Cédres in Toulouse (France).

In November 2003, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and her family decides to transfer her to Clínica Universidad de Navarra for treatment.. She then began the stage in which she experienced the other side of her profession as a nurse: being a patient.  
Neither the disease, nor the chemotherapy treatments, radiotherapy, bone marrow auto-transplantation, and the multiple surgical interventions diminish in her. their joy, their deep love of life and others. She left a deep mark on all those who treated her during her illness because of the acceptance and courage with which she faced the disease.

But the disease is unstoppable and María Egea, conscious and at peace, as she has always lived, dies in Madrid surrounded by her loved ones. Before his death he decided to donate his body to science.