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Sporting talent

In most cases, it is not easy to combine a university degree with sport at high performing . In addition to the ordinary load of study, internships and academic work, exams, etc., there is a demanding weekly training schedule and weekend travel to take part in competitions. It is therefore common to find situations of overlap between the two activities: academic and sporting.

The Sports Talent Programme, in coordination with the different Schools, offers a comprehensiveattendance to student accompanying them in the improvement of their professional, academic, sporting and personal development , so that they can successfully combine their academic workload with competitive sport.

Nested applications




Nested applications


Programme principles


Study and sport

The aim is for the student to successfully complete their university studies within the planned number of years. In order to be able to renew in the Programme, the student is obliged to obtain a good academic and sporting performance. To this end, the School, the Sports Club and the Sports Talent Programme itself will provide personalised financial aid support.


Training and Networking

Programme students have priority access to the activities and training events with top-level managers and athletes organised by the Centre for Olympic Studies.


Alumni Sports Talent

The students of the Programme, once they have finished their university studies, can continue at contact through the network of alumni de Talento Deportivo.





The Program seeks to make the Education university compatible with competitive sport by integrating all its strata and agents: Professors, Coaches, Tutors, Doctors etc., helping the student in their university experience.



Talento Deportivo aims to forge leaders and for this purpose it has at its disposal a whole training programme in Olympic values, together with a wide network of contacts in the sports field that can help you in your integral development as a person, professional and sportsman or woman.



The university experience does not end when you finish your studies. Alumni Talent for Sport financial aid maintains contact through a specific programme of annual meetings and collaboration with the Talent for Sport Programme.



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  1. financial aid personalized to the student so that he can combine his university programs of study with the competition sports internship .
  2. advisor School. The student will have a advisor in his School (Coordinator of programs of study) that will mediate with the professors of each subject in relation to changes of practices and exams, etc.
  3. advisor Sports Talent. The student will have a advisor of Sports Talent Program that will mediate with the coach, the Federation and other agents in the sports field.
  4. Free medical service (doctor specialized in Sports Medicine): periodical control, rehabilitation and physiotherapy for injuries occurring during the school period and always according to the doctor's criteria, stress tests, etc.
  5. Personalised Nutrition and Sports Nutrition Programme: access to the programme developed by School of Pharmacy and Nutrition (limited places).
  6. Priority access to the Olympic Studies Centre'straining plan.
  7. Access to the award "Best Athlete of the Year" awarded annually at the Olympic Gala.
  8. Participation of Talented students, according to specialization program and budget available , in the National University Championships.
  9. Credits ECTS credit: 2 credits (elective) per course up to a maximum of 6 credits in total per Degree.
  10. Free gym: Gym UNAV in Pamplona.
  11. Access to the network of contacts of the Alumni Sports Talent Programme.



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  1. Attend classes and training sessions scheduled by their School and by their Sports Club.
  2. To represent the University of Navarra in university competitions for which he/she is required.
  3. Participate in the sportstraining activities of the Olympic Studies Centre.
  4. Commitment to the promotion of Fair Play.
  5. Follow the physical and medical recommendations of their Sports Club and the Talent Sports Programme doctor.
  6. Communicate to advisor of Sports Talent the incidents that affect the development of the programme.
  7. Provide, where appropriate, academic information to advisor of Sports Talent.