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Facilities and resources

The simulation centre is located in the basement of Amigos Building, Campus Pamplona.

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A- Reception

B- conference room control: allows you to control the conference room evaluation and computers.

C- conference room evaluation with the possibility of recreating various scenarios: formal and informal interview, dynamics of group, games corner...

D- conference room observation mirror with 25 seats.

E- conference room of computers: 24 places.

F- Warehouse for Materials/dispatch



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The conference room computer centre has 25 computers (1 for professor-24 for students).

The computers have the following software installed:


Sniffy is a digital rat that is used to interactively demonstrate the principles of behavioural conditioning (Alloway/Wilson/Graham's Sniffy the Virtual Rat Lite, Version 3.0 - - ISBN: 9781111726188).

It is used for machine learning, signal processing, image processing, machine vision, communications, computational finance, design control, robotics and many other fields.

Remote desktop 

Interactive 3D map of the human body that allows you to visualise data, anatomy, diseases and treatments in any web application or mobile device. 

Sala de evaluación

conference room of evaluation

The evaluation conference room is a mirrored conference room with an R300 thermal imaging camera, three fixed cameras with rotation capability and two microphones. This allows sessions to be recorded from various angles. The furniture allows different scenarios to be designed.

Sala de control

conference room of control

The control conference room has two windows for observing the evaluation conference room and the conference room of computers. From the control conference room you can activate the audio on the observation classroom and communicate both with the pupils on classroom and with the actors through a hidden microphone.

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The School has an extensive collection of psychological and educational tests, as well as some psychological and pedagogical intervention programmes that include non-book material, all of which can be found in the Docimoteca.

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