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I congress SCS - Spanish Section - 15-17 September 2022

Aplicaciones anidadas


1) For members of the Society of Catholic Scientists the registration will be free of charge. Please fill in the following form form at registration.




2) For the rest of the people we have the following rates, depending on whether the attendance will be face-to-face or virtual:

→ attendance on-site

The registration for attendance allows you to participate in the lunches and coffees planned on the congress, as well as in the Cultural Activities Office organised for the afternoon of Saturday 17th.

Reduced ratefor early registration. The registration at congress has a reduced rate of €50 if it takes place before 31 May 2022.
Regular rate. The regular registration , from 1 June 2022, will be €70.

→ attendance virtual

The registration for attend virtually will cost €30.