Scientific publications

Scientific Publications

Bermejo-Martins, E; Pueyo-Garrigues, M; Casas, M; Bermejo, R; Villarroya, A. A Forest bathing intervention in adults with intellectual disabilities: a feasibility study protocol. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2022, 19(20):13589; DOI: 10.3390/ijerph192013589. 

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Belintxon Martín, Ma; Carvajal Valcárcel, A (Corresponding author); Pumar Méndez, MJ; et al. degree scroll: A valid and reliable scale to assess cultural sensibility in nursing Journal: NURSE EDUCATION TODAY ISSN 0260-6917 Vol. 106 2021 pp. 105001. JCR Q1

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Antoñanzas-Baztán, E., Belintxon, M., Marín-Fernández, B., Redín-Areta, M. D., Mujika, A., Pumar-Méndez, M. J., & Lopez-Dicastillo, O. (2021). Six-month breastfeeding maintenance after a self-efficacy promoting programme: an exploratory trial. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, 35(2), 548-558. JCR Q2 34/122.

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Books or book chapters: 4

Pardavila-Belio, Miren Idoia; Canga, N; Pueyo-Garrigues, María; González-Luis, H.; Romero Clará, O.; Feliu Josa, A.; Moreno Arroyo, C.; Martínez Martínez, C.(1/8). 2021. INSTrUCT an open resource educational in brief intervention in smoking cessation in university students. guide of professors. Apuntes Collection. Eunsa. ISBN 978-84-313-5684-2.

Pardavila-Belio, Miren Idoia; Canga, N; Pueyo-Garrigues, María; González- Luis, H.; Romero Clará, O.; Feliu Josa, A.; Moreno Arroyo, C.; Martínez, C.; Martínez, C.; Pueyo-Garrigues, María.
Martínez, C.. (8/4). An open educational resource in brief intervention on smoking in university students. Lecturer's guide 2021. INSTrUCT.
Apuntes Collection. Eunsa. ISBN 978-84-313-4784-0

Pardavila-Belio, Miren Idoia; Bermejo-Martins, Elena; Pumar Méndez, MJ; Olano- Lizarraga, Maddi. (1/4). 2021. internship Advanced in nursing. A guide on how to implement this figure in clinical practices. EUNSA. ISBN 978-84-313- 3596-0.

Nursing and Informatics for the 21st Century: Embracing a Digital World, 3rd edition. Chapter BooK: Simulation-based learning. Last Author. La Rosa Virginia

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