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department of Journalism

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The department of Journalism of the School of Communication began its activity in 1992 dedicated to the study and teaching of the theoretical and practical issues of journalistic information in all media.

The lines of research in which he works are, among others: the theory and internship of journalistic genres, the digital impact on the media of speech, the structure, market and contents of the press, radio and television, visual journalism and the public speech of science.

Through the professor and research work carried out by its professors and doctoral students, the department integrates the activity and internship of journalism with the study and reflection of the major issues affecting the media at speech in Spain and the world.

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Student work and internships

The students and teachers of department develop an intense activity internship in the different subjects. A representative sample of the work is presented below:


Radio University of Navarra is an online radio station that broadcasts its programming live via streaming and through on-demand radio services, podcasting and social networks. Its university origins lead it to focus on current affairs, culture, music, solidarity, sport, history, sound creation, life at campus and research activity, without forgetting the local content of the Navarra that physically hosts this radio station that wants to reach the whole world. It is a platform for the sound and digital production of the students of the subjects speech radio, radio genres and programmes, radio production, radio and sound creativity, specialised radio and radio production.

In the blog The Good Press at section Alumnos al poder, you can consult a large number of the supplements produced by 3rd year Journalism students in the subject Genres and editing of newspapers and magazines, as well as a selection of the TFGs of the last few years.

Newsroomunav is the space of work for students of the subjects Television Production, Radio Production and Digital Media Editing of the final year of the Degree in Journalism at School speech of the University of Navarra, in coordination with subject Deontología periodística.

Newsroomunav is part of the project Innovation professor "Deontology in journalistic internship : an integrated learning project on news production and editing for radio, television and internet", which started in the academic year 2019/2020 and continues in 2020/2021.

At subject , in the 4th year of Journalism, students produce documentaries of between 5 and 6 minutes in length on issues related to solidarity. Each of these works is made with the partnership of an NGO or association non-profit organisation and constitutes a service-learning experience. Once produced, the documentaries are screened in a "sample of solidarity documentaries", open to the public, and are subsequently used by the collaborating entities as part of their campaigns speech. Here you can consult the works of the 2018-2019, 2017-2018 and previous years.

Stolperstein brings together a group of students, alumni and teachers eager to write about anonymous people with exemplary stories. The project starts in the classroom and continues after class. The aim is to bring to society positive stories that we come across every day, without realising it. It also aims to be a commitment to quality journalism: it will try to bring together rigorous texts, with a careful essay and easy reading.

The subject speech Multimedia works from the first semester of 1st year on the development of students' multimedia projects. Here you can consult a selection of the final projects of the last years: Abiime; Aproena; De lunes a viernes; Desamores; Green Camera 17; Hielo Negro; Millennyals; MiradALT; My heroe report; ParaDis[e]ney; Radio Ágora; Somnium; Surviving Unav; Tira Historia; Tras el espejo roto; USA elections 4u; VOA Brand.