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Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


The United Nations Club of model of the University of Navarra is a project created by students for students that seeks to bring together students from International Office and other Degrees in a forum of discussion on global issues and problems, emulating the United Nations.

The Diplomacy & MUN Club offers training to represent the University of Navarra in international models. 

Join the Diplomacy Mun Club and acquire the tools to develop skills such as diplomacy, public speaking, discussion, negotiation, conflict resolution, research, leadership and work at group.

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


What are the Club's objectives ?



Culture of discussion

promote the culture of discussion within the university through the active inclusion of diverse Schools within project.


Acquisition of skills

To promote the skills of essay, reading comprehension, argumentation, synthesis, oratory, research, diplomacy, among others, as fundamental pillars of the training of the student body of the university.



Represent the university in various forums of discussion university.


Academic simulations

Organize academic simulations of conferences, bodies, agencies and any other multilateral negotiation forum for students from all over the world at university level or equivalent.



fill in the training of its members.



partnership with associations, clubs and activities with similar purposes.


Discover our activities


Skills Lab

Monthly sessions moderated by professors or delegates with experience in the dynamics of work of the United Nations.

Mock sessions

Periodic simulation sessions where members will take the role of delegates from their respective countries. The topic to be discussed will be one that has had special relevance during the month of the simulation.

PDP (staff Development Programme)

Part of the delegate preparation will be one-on-one sessions with the Head Delegate Trainer.

Diplomatic Coffee

Sessions where Club members will meet with special guests.

Preseason MUN

This will be the first experience that club members will have in simulating a United Nations session. It will consist of a single session (held on a single day) that will take place at schedule . The location will be determined by the university in conjunction with the club. A high school invited by the Outreach Program or university will be invited to the session, with the goal to give advertising to the University of Navarra.

Outreach Program

Program focused on involving senior students from different high school diploma students from different schools in Spain to participate in a special committee for them at the model of the United Nations of the University of Navarra.

Official Delegation of the University of Navarra

Those members who excel and demonstrate interest in the club's activities will become part of the official international delegation of the University of Navarra.

Support for congress UNMUN

The UNMUN Club will lend its unconditional support to the model of the United Nations of the University of Navarra, and all its members will participate in it.

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Who we are


Luis Alberola



Génesis Monge



Gonzalo Vázquez

Secretary and student coordinator


Irache Casado



Felipe Merola

Head delegate trainer


Olivia Serrano

Coordinating teacher




Want to join the Club?

The Diplomacy & MUN Club seeks the active participation of all students of the University, regardless of the Degree they study.



Campus university

31009 Pamplona, Spain

+34 948 42 56 00