Lines of research

Lines of research - PhD in Natural and Applied Sciences

The description of the main lines of research of doctoral program, as well as the corresponding research teams, and the data of each of the members of the researcher team, are given below:

- Line 1. Lung cancer

- Line 2. Haematological tumours

- Line 3. Cell therapy and tissue engineering in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases

- Line 4. Cancer immunotherapy

- Line 5. Non-coding RNAs and cancer

- Line 6. Atherothrombosis

- Line 7. Heart-Heart failure

- Line 8. Hepatic physiopathology

- Line 9. Metabolic alterations in obesity

- Line 10. Biochemical markers of disease

- Line 11. Bacterial pathogenicity and immunoprophylaxis

- Line 12. Neurodegenerative diseases and glioblastomas


Wenceslao González-ViñasMaria D. Odero
Programme Coordinator

contact general
Carolina Matute Martínez
C/ Irunlarrea, 1.
31008 Pamplona
+34 948 42 56 00 Ext. 80 6222


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