Changes in the environment...

Changes in the cultural, media and legal environment, due to the emergence of new values that differ from others that were previously generally accepted and unchallenged, have given rise to numerous crises in the recent past.

For a good management of communication and reputation, it is important to anticipate, take the initiative, reflect on the new environment and anticipate the practical consequences of external change in the governance, culture and communication of educational institutions. 

In the current context, it is necessary to pay attention to some elements that represent a novelty:

1) on the one hand, positive values that have become more relevant and call for new priorities, attitudes and languages: equality, respect for women, transparency, openness, participation, dialogue, security of the students' environments, affective maturity, etc.

2) on the other hand, issues that are more complicated and require conceptual clarification: issues related to gender, sexuality and family; as well as new rights in these areas.

Communication makes it possible to approach cultural change in an integrated manner, that is, encompassing reflection on basic concepts and argumentation, with the resolution of specific needs that arise on a regular basis in educational institutions.

Moving from a reactive to a proactive approach is a process that moves on three planes:

1) social trends that have an impact on educational action;

2) government actions that affect the attitudes and culture of organizations, so that they can perform adequately in the current environment;

3) communication ideas and practices - messages and languages - that help improve reputation.