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The laboratory Integrated Environmental Quality (LICA) was created in response to the demands related to the preservation and care of the environment. We have cutting-edge scientific equipment that can be applied in various environmental fields, as well as a team of professionals with extensive experience in carrying out environmental programs of study and research projects.



During the 2023-24 academic year, six students from five different Schools started their doctorate thanks to the " research and Sustainability E2025 Grant Program".

Aimee Valle
Directors: David Elustondo and Yasser Morera
department from Chemistry, School of Sciences, laboratory LICA
Line of work of Strategy 2025: Environment. research in Biodiversity and management of ecosystems.

assessment of eutrophication in reservoirs of the Ebro River (Spain) and the Damují River (Cuba) and its impact on the risk of proliferation of cyanobacteria producing cyanotoxins that affect human health and ecosystems using conventional, nuclear and isotopic analytics

"The deterioration of water quality in reservoirs is a major concern worldwide. The increase of hydraulic infrastructures combined with scarce ecological monitoring plans has triggered problems of cyanobacterial blooms, which in many reservoirs exceed the limits established by the WHO, posing a serious risk due to the toxicity that they can present to human health and the ecosystem. In this context, my thesis aims to contribute to sustainable water management in a scenario of climate change, which foresees an increase in harmful cyanobacterial bloom events with the impact on ecosystems and human health".




Aplicaciones anidadas


Miguel Alcantara
graduate in Architecture from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and Master's Degree from the University of Navarra (Master's Degree in Biodiversity, Landscapes and Sustainable management ), is currently student of doctorate of the Dept. of Chemistry and is doing her doctoral dissertation in the assessment of indoor air quality. (+poster)



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