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The governance of organisations is a vital task in the modern world. We live in an era in which economic relations and institutions partner are becoming exponentially more complex and where leaders who are able to analyse the environment well and act accordingly are indispensable.

The programme aims to offer a transversal training of this environment (from the social sciences, legal sciences and the Humanities) in order to help exercise good governance of public and private institutions.

What will you learn?

You will gain an in-depth understanding of the fundamental dimension of organisations and their context partner-economic, so that you can live the internship governance of agreement with the principles of prudence, business acumen and entrepreneurship.

An integrated view of the economic environment, so that you know how to link economic, political, legal and ethical aspects.

You will learn to argue, expose, write and decide on the fundamentals of government action and the business environment.

Professional projection

The profile of the Master's graduates is that of people with an advanced training character multidisciplinary in the specific field of governance of organisations, oriented towards the academic specialization and promote initiation in research tasks. The governance of societies and institutions is a complex phenomenon in which diverse rationalities converge. Precisely for this reason, its scientific analysis must combine the study of different methodologies, points of view and disciplines. Thanks to the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary nature of the master's degree, students enter contact with the advances of research leading area of Humanities and social sciences in order to formulate new questions and propose new answers based on them. The training of the master's degree makes student able to propose new objects of study relevant to the socio-political reality and to innovate in the resolution of these problems.

Upon completion and C of the Master's Degree University Degree in Governance and Culture of Organisations, the student will be in possession of 60 credits ECTS credit credit of an official programme of postgraduate program, so it meets the conditions for apply for its Admissions Office in the doctorate, as long as it meets the requirements required in this programme.