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The International high school diploma International (IB) programme's fundamental aim is to train students to be internationally minded in order to create a better, more peaceful world without borders. goal


The IB's teaching-learning methodology is based on exchange questioning, work practical and constructivist thinking approach . This form of Education empowers young people to learn throughout their lives, independently and in partnership with others. It also prepares the whole educational community to approach learning through enquiry, action and reflection.

Teachers in the IB community have access to a high-quality, professional training that fosters critical thinking, lifelong learning and continuous improvement. They also have access to teaching resources, tools from assessment and a pedagogy that motivates students to continue inquiring beyond the boundaries of high school. In addition, they have the opportunity to be certified in academic programmes at the best universities in the world.

The IB's Education is changing paradigms, while challenging new generations of educators to break away from the traditional teaching , leading them towards a more holistic Education , where all dimensions of the person are taken into account. It is the Education that 21st century students are demanding.

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Aplicaciones anidadas


The Master's Degree offers a training Level 1 accredited by the International high school diploma International. The training is delivered through online resources, face-to-face classes during specializations and specific classes for students who want to obtain the IB certificate . There will also be internships in schools accredited as national or international IB Centers (with a B2 level). This training does not imply an added cost for the student.

Upon graduation, students who have received the IB-specific training will be able to apply for the certificate IB. Certificates are issued by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IB). high school diploma International (IB) - students must fulfil the following conditions:

  • Register as student IB by completing form BI at the beginning of Master's Degree.

  • attend to all IB classes and training activities offered within the Master's programme.

  • Carry out a practicum in national or international centres (B2 level) accredited by OBI.

  • Submit a Master's thesis work related to the topics of training IB.

The coordination of Master's Degree will provide the International Organization with a list of the students who have fulfilled these conditions. high school diploma International, a list of the students who have fulfilled these conditions, guaranteeing that the student has received the training Level 1 and has reached the requirements established by the IB Organization.

From this moment on, the student will have to manage its accreditation IB directly with the International Organization. high school diploma International. The certificate has an approximate cost of $295. Payments for certificate will be made directly between graduate and the International Organization. high school diploma International. The coordination of Master's Degree will advise the students at all times.