Misión y Visión

mission statement and Vision

About us

Recursos Humanos y management del Talento is a space where research and articles by experts in human resources and digital trends are collected. Our goal is to promote the training of people who want to collaborate in the improvement of business and society by being leaders in digital transformation at an international level.

This space, created by the directors of the masters in Human Resources of the School of Economics of the University of Navarra, aims to offer a comprehensive training in the management of people as assets core topic of a company and as subjects with a wide potential for professional development . The purpose is to train excellent professionals with the goal to serve and contribute to the improvement of society. 


The team

Javier Arellano

Director MDPO and EHR&D academic

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Alberto Andreu

Director MDPO and EHR&D Executive

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Ignacio Cristóbal

MDPO Professor and editors partner

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