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Dosporciento Productions

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Dosporciento Productions

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We are an audiovisual production company from Navarre that advocates dialogue, listening and coexistence between different people. We want to show that we have more points in common than we think. There is a theory that says that we have at least 2% of things in common with our greatest adversary. We will prove it through programmes on our platform!

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Who we are

Jon Aristu Garde @jonaristu

Javier Ojembarrena Alba @Javier_Ojen

Ana Ramírez García-Mina @anaramirezgm

Ane Liberal Pérez @aneliberal

Mara Vázquez Muñoz @maraa_vazquez

Alba Cidoncha Sádaba @AlbaCidoncha31

Lucía Valero Ronca @luciavaleroo

Ana Lumbreras Martínez @AnaLumbrerasM

Libe Garate Arriola @libegarate Arriola

Mikel Ortiz de Zarate Abrisketa @MikelOdzarate

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