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Travel to the Roman Empire through its inscriptions

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From the reign of the Emperor Augustus, the habit of engraving inscriptions for use as a means of communication and as a vehicle of permanence in Rome spread from the capital of the Empire to the provincial territories. The scriptores, the craftsmen of inscriptions, specialists in engraving texts on hard supports, became extraordinarily popular and each city of the Empire had at least one inscription workshop, a lapidary officina, where, no doubt, construction and ornamental materials were also produced, which contributed to the homogenisation of the appearance of the Roman provinces.

Wouldyou like to become a scriptor and travel from Rome to Lusitania carrying out commissions that characters from different levels of Roman society give you to commemorate their victories, leave a record of their loved ones or honour the gods? Enter the epigraphic videogame Valete vos viatores, the first one that allows you, through an exciting journey, to get started in one of the most unique professions in Rome, which grew in prestige as the Empire reached its maturity. During the journey you will not only learn the rudiments of Roman craftsmanship on stone but you will also meet soldiers, gladiators, slaves, other craftsmen and you will get to know the ins and outs of several cities in the West: Rome, Burdigala, Los Bañales de Uncastillo, Santa Criz de Eslava and ciuitas Igaeditanorum being able to enter their forums and their houses, walk their streets, visit their show buildings and see, at final, their growth and History. 

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Nested applications


From 3D documentation to video games

This video provides a preview of some of the materials being worked on and also of the video game itself. If you are curious, restless, interested in knowing "the History that is not written" and in training in a profile capable of "writing" this "History to be discovered", you might be interested in knowing the Degree in History with Diploma in Archaeology offered by the School of Philosophy y Letras.


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