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Cycle 'Alumni to Alumni: lead your professional career'.



Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas

Ciclo alumni segunda edición texto

The2nd Cycle From Alumni to Alumni took place in February 2022. In it, alumni of the University and experts, with extensive professional experience, shared tips and job keys.

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas

Sesión 1

Session with Eduardo Conde (PDG'96)

The keys to successful leaders

What are the most in-demand skills? What professions will be the most sought-after? What are the future trends of employment? In this session, you will learn the keys to adapt your professional degree program to the new models of work that will give you a sustainable employment . In addition, you will learn about which professions will be the most in demand.

sesión 2

Session with Monica Kurtis (MED'01)

Six keys to boost your creativity
Get to know your brain and get your creativity going! Learn about the brain processes that give rise to creativity and its "saboteurs" and "enhancers"; dispel the myths of this quality, and discover how to avoid the traps the brain sets for creative problem solving.

sesión 3

Session with Erika Gómez (PADEM'18)

Learning entrepreneurship: necessary skills for your work

Learn how to develop your entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial attitude; discover what you excel at and what your talents are, and learn how to manage your fears, blocks and limiting beliefs.


Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas

sesión 4

Sesión 4

Session with Alex López

Keys for searching employment on LinkedIN

Learn how to set up a good professional brand on network and how to optimise a professional, authentic and coherent profile . 

Sesión 4 BOTON

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Ciclo alumni primera edicion texto

The 1st Alumni to Alumni Cycle took place in March 2021. In it, four alumni of the University, with extensive professional experience, shared advice and experiences.

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Session with Carlos Amela (MBA IESE'16)

Networking for career advancement: 5 myths and how to do it

Today's world is more connected than ever. It is much easier to connect with people from any device with an internet connection and thanks to this, an ideal ecosystem has been created to form relationships that can help us in our professional advancement. In this session we looked at the 5 most common networking myths, as well as how to network to get the interactions we are looking for.


Session with Tino Fernández (COM'91)

Your professional future: the need to adapt and reinvent yourself

What are the future employment trends and which professions will be the most sought-after and sought-after? Valentín Fernández Arias (COM'91), editor-in-chief of EXPANSIÓN and head of the sections Expansión & Empleo, Expansión Start Up and Expansión Jurídico, tackled these questions and gave the keys on what to do to adapt one's professional career to the new work models that will give us sustainable employment.



The post-COVID world: has it changed our lives forever?

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Luis Lara Grojec
General Manager general Banco Industrial de Guatemala

Economic outlook for 2021

The world is changing, and so is its economy. The engineer, Luis Lara Grojec, General Manager General of the Banco Industrial de Guatemala kicked off the Latin American Alumni Cycle by talking about the economic situation and perspectives of Guatemala after the health crisis.  


José Luis Orihuela
(PGLA'87 COM'90 PhD'93)

The infodemic and other impacts of the communication pandemic

More and better journalism as a response to disinformation, new patterns of information and entertainment consumption and the resurgence of formats such as podcasts and newsletters. Professor and former student José Luis Orihuela (PGLA '87, COM '90, PhD '93) will delve into these issues in the third session of the series.


Raul Alas
(MPGE'02, MGCO'04, PhD'04)

Coping successfully with adversity

What are the keys that will enable us to overcome the negative effects of the pandemic? Now is the time to put them into practice and to make them known through personal example. The writer Raúl Alas (MPGE'02, MGCO'04, PhD'04) will be in charge of closing the Alumni Latin America cycle.



Aplicaciones anidadas


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