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Militia amoris and other poems

Izaro Díaz, first year student of the double degree in Hispanic Philology and Journalism Degree
at the School of Humanities and Social Sciencesbrings us a beautiful repertoire of poems.
Stanzas to enjoy from the first verse.

Militia amoris and other poems

Militia amoris

I disassociated myself from the writing criteria.
Now I stamp with nerves the letters
weavers of war dreams.

I renounce also the high constructions
for which I distrust
and I shut myself up in the Romanesque hell.

I fall between the pangs of crystal and temple,
of anger and snow of blood.
Of this new war with myself.

I tear off the matted ink
to sketch one last time
the endearing tale of an uncourteous romance.

This is the revolution of love.
It cries and overcomes disaster,
and withdraws from the last fire of victory.

Militia amoris and other poems

An innocent and inexperienced love

You paper the sky with verses,
you draw its stars on canvas:
you make poetry an inexperienced love.

Envy attacks the entrails
of the irreconcilable old sage
condemned to a hundred years of solitude.
It no longer emits new dreams
in this ancient prison of pain
of a red thread,
sometimes broken by the ink
of moonbeams.

On the other hand, you live
rebellious and tender. Authentic.
The chaos of your innocence
has given back some beauty.

White soul, you've done it.
You've handed over the keys of time
and the old impure love
of the broken sage
has begun to beat again.

The poetry of connection
has set you free.
You have been the remedy
that has saved from the poison of time
Constant love, beyond death.

Militia amoris and other poems



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