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Only one man

Javier Garralda, student of Degree in Philosophy of the School of Philosophy y Letras, offers us a poem whose verses and stanzas intone a profoundly human feeling.

I am nothing more,
sometimes Circe gives me wings,
but I'm nothing more.

Sometimes I think I'm a bird,
sometimes I think I fly,
sometimes I think I don't believe it
and Icarus lands again.

In the oracle I see myself far away
beyond the same mirror
that I cannot pass through.

Sometimes I feel alive,
as I swim against the current
in this Acheron river
that I mistake for the sea.

Sometimes I need a necessity,
but as Narcissus goes to the river
echoes the echo of a maybe.

Sometimes I cry out in despair
and like Orpheus I burst into tears,
sometimes there is no more wretch
and Eurydice is left behind.

Very much with Scylla in feeling,
very much with Charybdis in thinking,
always between the god and the animal.

Sometimes I think I'm the most,
sometimes I think I'm the least,
but I'm just dead flesh
from which a lotus will emerge.

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