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Why is this club being created?

- To open the views of students of biological careers, and accompany them in their process of development as scientific people.
- To encourage students' creativity in the application of their technical knowledge in tools of direct utility to society.
- To widen the circle of contact of students and facilitate the exchange of ideas among inquiring minds.
- To encourage disruptive thinking in the field of biological sciences, going out of the ordinary, the usual, to boost the world we live in.  


What will the club offer? 

- Talks with disruptive people in the biotech sector (young entrepreneurs, CEOs, renowned researchers...).
- Discussions between and for students who want to meet like-minded people and discuss emerging ideas, create contacts, foster relationships...
- Conferences with leading figures in the scientific-biotech field.
- Talks "orienting the future" to accompany students in the selection of their professional future.


Our history

During this fourth year of the Club's existence, the directors, José María García-Pumarino y Eduardo Camina Paniagua realised the need to give the Club a fixed structure to carry out a minimum number of activities each year. This without eliminating the dynamic character of the club where any of the members can propose new activities to be incorporated into the CBE calendar.

Thus, the decision was taken to hold three seminars for members of the club and one workshop BioEntrepreneurship for all those interested in the University. During the I workshop BioEmprendedora we had the pleasure of having Roberto Díaz, CEO of Zebrafish Lab; Javier Campión, CEO of Making Genetics; and Dámaso Molero, CEO of 3P Biopharmaceuticals.

In order to consolidate this club within the university, we started to develop an official website of the Club where any student can get to know it, see the activities that have been carried out during the last few years and the future events that the CBE is organising.

academic year 2015/2016 began with a call via email to all students of the School of Sciences and the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition who were interested in the world of business and in learning more about the CBE-UNAV. This first meeting was led by the new directors of the club; Ana Domínguez Pérez Marta López de Calle.

In November 2015 we had Nora Alonso, founder of Iden Biotechnology, at the CBE visit . In the session, she told us about how she started her project, the difficulties she had, etc. In this talk-colloquium we had the opportunity to ask her numerous questions that resolved some of our business concerns. After Christmas, we started meeting approximately once a month to talk about the progress of the club and future projects.

Daniel Vaillo y Alfonso Barrios joined the founding team and began contacting professionals in the sector to introduce the members of the Club to the business world in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields. The goal is bringing speakers to share their experience in the world of work in order to help the process and the training staff of the students.

It should be noted that the choice of speakers and companies is left to the students, so that not only the creativity and individual participation of the members is sought, but also the pro-activity to meet among themselves and hold small debates, sessions in which new ideas are born and subsequently provide mutual support to carry them out. One of the speakers at these conferences was Julio Maset, from Laboratorios CINFA.

Throughout academic year 2013/2014 a group of four students from Degree of Biochemistry met to talk about the functioning of biotech companies in Spain and bio-entrepreneurship.

After months of talking we decided it was time to go and meet personally the staff of companies in the Biotech sector in Pamplona. First of all we went to visit to Dr. Ricardo Palacios, director of the development business business Bionanoplus. At CEIN, he spoke to us about the long process it takes to bring a new drug to market. Secondly, we met with Mr Ángel Mª Galán, director finance and HR at 3PBiopharmaceuticals. The conversation focused on the costly industrial processes that are necessary to start generating products for the sector, such as recombinant proteins. And finally, we met with a bioentrepreneur, Carlos Gonzalez, partner-director of Ojer Pharma. Carlos spoke to us about the importance of being persistent in achieving our goals and, thus, being able to found a biotech company. business

After reaching this point, we realised how useful these conversations would be for our professional life. Therefore, after talking to different people at the university such as Dr. Ignacio Goñi, Dr. Borja Mora-Figueroa, Dr. Fernando Corrales, D. Pablo Martín, Dña Cristina Martínez and Dña Sara Equiza, we decided that it was time to launch a Biotechnology Club and business (CBE) at the University of Navarra.