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Agustín Berzero

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Agustín Berzero

(Estudio Berzero)

project selected: Casa del Portón Rojo

AUTHOR: Mg. Architect Agustín Berzero, Architect Valeria Jaros

COLLABORATORS: Eng. Edgar Morán (structural calculation) 

LOCATION: 1561 Jujuy Street, Cordoba City, Cordoba Province, Argentina. SURFACE AREA: 254m2 

YEAR: 2015 / 2017 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Federico Cairoli

Berzero: texto

The house is located within walking distance of the Suquía River and the train station in the Alta Córdoba neighbourhood, on a small urban lot of 105m2, well connected.

Given the reduced surface area of the plot (7m x 15m), a vertical solution was chosen, organising the programme in a series of superimposed floors that allow the programme to be optimised. Any special hierarchy is rejected in order to turn the dwelling into an open and flexible system of multiple connections, proclaiming an impression of fluidity, continuity and freedom. The open plan leave is offered as a stimulating place, open to accommodate a wide range of activities, optimising the entire plot. The access staircase is located at the end of the lot, in order to invite visitors to walk through the space before entering the interior of the house on the first level, where the shared living area is located: conference room living room, kitchen, dining room and double-height terrace. The intention is to create a visual connection between the two sides of the narrow plot, thus favouring the sensation of spaciousness and generating an effect of spatial continuity. A set of superimposed staircases allows the spatiality of the construction to be traversed and understood, transferring the bedrooms to the upper levels and ending in a terrace that offers views of the neighbourhood. The façade facing the street is defined as a sequence of layers between inside and outside, between public and private. The boundary is thickened by a curtain of vegetation that adds scent to all the rooms and a system of pre-cast concrete sunshades that define an expression of privacy and intimacy. The proposal encourages the idea of living close to urban centres with a minimum impact of mobility, in order to achieve optimum sustainability parameters.