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Sergio Alberto Cabrera

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Sergio Alberto Cabrera

(Studio: Sergio Alberto Cabrera Arquitectos)

project selected: Caja de Abogados de la Provincia de Salta - Metán Headquarters

AUTHOR: Mg. Arch. Sergio Alberto Cabrera 

COLLABORATORS:Facundo Monteros, Jorge Scarponi (structural calculations). 

LOCATION: Avenida General Güemes, Metán, Salta Province, Argentina. 

AREA: 510m2 

YEAR: 2013 / 2014 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Federico Cairoli

Cabrera: text

The project proposes to break certain limits related to the constructive and programmatic standard of the region and to show how with limited resources, both economic and material, a local project of reference letter can be achieved for future projects.

On a plot of land measuring 15m x 47m, facing north and located on a wide boulevard, the uses proposed by the client are being developed. goal was to construct a new building that would allow greater integration of the beneficiaries and, at the same time, extend the use of the facilities for the whole community. The programme includes offices for public attention, offices for the use of members conference room for meetings, a multi-purpose room with its complementary services and a barbecue area. The existing trees on the site and the public space are respected. The entrance is through a sliding gate that provides security to the main courtyard, from which you can access the offices or continue through the courtyard to a multi-purpose room, thus creating an important connection with the public space. The different access possibilities allow a different route through the building and its areas of use. The project proposes a large space 47m long by 9m wide that can be interrupted by a movable partition, with different heights and textures; that is inside and outside; with intense or moderate natural light; covered by a tree or the sky. It is proposed to create and eliminate limits by giving the space different dimensions from agreement to the proposed use. The rest is a succession of small spaces that generates its counterpoint in the double height of the access, referencing the façade, controlling with a suspended wall the entrance of the sun and adapting its scale to the Building more leave of the surroundings.