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Canessa: photo

Hernani Canessa

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Hernani Canessa

(Studio: Vértice Arquitectos)

project selected: Casa El Bucaré

AUTHOR: Mg. Arq. Hernani Canessa 

LOCATION: El Bucaré Street, Lima, Peru. 

AREA: 490m2 

YEAR: 2012 


Canessa: text

The house stands on a lot of approximately 1,130m2. The size of the lot and the municipal regulations predisposed design for a house with four free facades.

Due to the client's needs, and in order to obtain the desired configuration of the free spaces on the site, a volume with two perpendicular axes was designed, one of whose arms contains the secondary bedrooms and the other the master bedroom with a conference room living room. Both arms are articulated by a double-height space that forms the conference room of the house. Given the lateral circulation, most of the rooms in the house are oriented towards the main garden and the swimming pool. The programme proposed a larger issue of rooms in the intimate area than in the social area of the house. For this reason, all the bedrooms were located on the first floor, leaving roofed areas on the first floor that have allowed the creation of an open terrace on two sides facing the conference room of the house. The volumes are linear and continuous, closed towards the entrance and open towards the interior garden. The entire outward expression of the first floor of the house is made of exposed concrete boarding, creating a continuous base, while the first floor is entirely tiled and painted white. On the north- and east-facing façades of the first floor there is a continuous balcony with a structure of galvanised metal railings and mesh from which vines hang to protect from the sun and provide privacy between the rooms. Both the intimate circulations and some of the rooms are visually protected by a set of shihuahuaco wood and exposed concrete lattices.