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Abraham Cota Paredes

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Abraham Cota Paredes

(Studio: COTAPAREDES Arquitectos)

project selected: La Cueva

AUTHOR: Mg. Arq. Abraham Cota Paredes

CONTRIBUTORS: Sergio Iván Chávez Padilla 

LOCATION: Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. 


YEAR: 2017 



The site is located within the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, in one of many private condominiums delimited by large walls that are a consequence of an increase in insecurity in Mexico. It is this duality between a chaotic city and the search for isolation and refuge that generates an architecture that seeks to emphasise the intimacy of the inhabitant through an atmosphere that combines a correct handling of light and spatial fluidity.

The project was born from listening to the client's needs, discovering among the requirements a fundamental space: a multi-purpose room for family gatherings to be located in the basement. From this arose the idea of introducing a double-height courtyard that would provide natural light and ventilation, inside which a tree would be planted that, in its ascent, would extend its branches towards the surrounding spaces. The void created by this courtyard acts as an articulator, visually linking the entrances to the two levels of the house with the conference room dining room, which is located in a double-height space statement with this void. This generates a triple sectioned height that impresses the visitor. A large window floods the double-height space with light. A staircase with a solid handrail connects the two levels of the house and gives a sculptural character to the space, which has a further double height, linking the top level of the house, where the master bedroom is located. On the outside, the shape of the house is that of a cube set on a stone base that seeks to be as closed as possible, opening only the slots that are strictly necessary to arouse curiosity about what is happening inside.