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Erik René González Díaz Barreiro

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Erik René González Díaz Barreiro

(Studio: Architects Inc.)

project selected: GS House

Erik René González Díaz Barreiro, Architect Enrique Mercadillo, Architect Roxana Castillo 

CONTRIBUTORS: Andrea Flores, Carlos Guerrero Longoria, Edgar Peña. 

LOCATION: Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico. 

AREA: 785m2 

YEAR: 2015 / 2018 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Javier Brocker

Gonzalez: text

Casa GS is a home that resolves a highly social housing programme without ever compromising the privacy of the residents' intimate lives, but rather opting to use this element as a concept President for the development of project. All the spaces open onto the rear courtyard, making the most of the views of the land to the east, while the materially well-defined volumes leave a practically blind façade to the west, where the proportion and layout of these volumes play a primordial role in framing the main and daily access and the core of vertical circulations.

The volumetry, very jealous towards the main street, is very open and honest towards the rear courtyard. The raison d'être of each volume is indisputably understood, each of which keeps a special proportion to the programme it houses. The floor plan is radially articulated around the most public part of the intimate programme: the kitchen. Thus there is a clear definition between the public and the private and, in turn, a close relationship through the roofed courtyards that connect both parts of the programme. This organisation of the programme manages to reduce the square metres destined for circulation to a minimum, creating spaces of generously fair dimensions. Turning the floor plan leave forty-five Degrees maximises the views to the rear courtyard and makes them enjoyable from all the living areas, without compromising their dimensions. The upper floor programme consists of two twin rooms, separated by a multi-purpose space that welcomes the visitor who climbs a sculptural staircase, which is suspended between walls over a mirror of water that connects the interior with the exterior. In short, Casa GS is a house of moments, where textures and light are the two elements that define and accentuate all the theoretical qualities of the spaces.