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Pedro Silvestre Peña y Lillo

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Pedro Silvestre Peña y Lillo

(Studio: Peña y Lillo Arquitectos)

project selected: Manduca Ansaldi Housing 

AUTHOR: Mg. Arq. Pedro Peña y Lillo, Arq. Rodrigo Escobar 

CONTRIBUTORS: Belisario Peña y Lillo 

LOCATION: Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza Province, Argentina. 

 AREA: 187m2 

YEAR: 2019 


Peña: text

The main strategy of project was to create a large air envelope by combining two construction systems in the same house: on the one hand, a wall box made with a traditional construction system of rendered masonry, using the local building tradition; and, on the other hand, a large metal roof composed of columns, beams and purlins assembled on site, reflecting the contemporary technological stage.

The flexibility of the structure of the project allowed to reach the goal of the optimization of resources, achieving the greatest amount of space within this envelope so that the client could make the internal divisions of the bedrooms, already ordered by the structural system. The programme is resolved on a single floor by means of an elementary geometry. The dwelling is located at the back of the lot, thus creating two courtyards: a front one, of larger dimensions, towards which the public spaces of the house open; and a back one, of smaller surface area, towards which the more private spaces open. The minimum-thickness sloping metal roof rests on a grid of columns made of 100 x 100 square section metal profiles, while the roof structure is formed by a system of main beams made of 150 x 50 pipe. The purlins rest on this main structure and the sheet metal rests on top of them. Above the purlins is the timber that confines the roof to the interior of the house and infuses the interior space with warmth. The walls and metal elements are painted white. The neutrality of this colour allows for optimum light reflection and for all the solid bodies of the house to achieve their maximum expressiveness.