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Gabriela Quiñones

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Gabriela Quiñones

(Studio: Architect Gabriela Quiñones)

project selected: Casa VA

AUTHOR: Mg. Arq. Gabriela Quiñones 

COLLABORATORS: Eng. Guillermo Oleas (structural calculations), Eng. Alfonso Celi (construction). 

LOCATION: Nayón, Quito, Ecuador. 

AREA: 555m 2 

YEAR: 2013 / 2014 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Sebastián Crespo

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The project is located in an area where the set of residences is characterised by a hermetic masonry enclosure towards the surroundings and the exterior. This house opens its doors showing a permeable and urban character that generates a connection with the landscape.

It is implanted on the upper part of the plot in order to take advantage of the views, differentiating the public area , at street level, and the private area by means of a raised platform, thus optimising the topography of the plot. The project is composed of a C-shaped main volume that creates a façade that relates to the exterior and, in the interior, develops an intimate area . It forms an inner courtyard that connects the life of the whole house, allowing a permeability between spaces, between everyday life and the gardens, which are complemented by an area for yoga and meditation internship . The interior of the house works with double-height open spaces that generate spatiality and illumination to all the rooms. The concept is emphasised by large windows. Two interesting particularities of the clients made it possible to develop a unique house, fully in line with their interests. The first starting point was to create a single central element connecting all the rooms. The idea was realised through the design of a central sculpture formed by the main staircase. This staircase is formed by a piece of Corten steel furniture that supports a cantilevered staircase made of laminated wood. The element is designed to house the clients' private collection of archaeological pieces. An indirect lighting system was also designed to emphasise this collection. The second singular element is developed at one end of the dwelling and consists of an anchor volume housing a double-height Library Services , intended to house more than three thousand volumes.