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Virginia Volonté

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Virginia Volonté

(Volonté Studio)

project selected: La Esquina

AUTHOR: Mg. Architect Virginia Volonté 

COLLABORATORS : Eng. Lucas Fagandini (structural calculation), Jimena Segura Gaudio, Sofía Segura. 

LOCATION: Av. La Cordillera 4388, Barrio Villa Marta, Córdoba Capital. Province of Córdoba, Argentina. 

AREA:87m 2 


PHOTOGRAPHY: Estudio Volonté

Volonte: texto

The exploration of space (...) / investigating the chrome and colour of the urban fabric / the relationship with thought / thinking the detail / occupying the space / living the space from the inside / like a showcase (...) that you walk through / and allows you to perceive / the feeling of the city.

From this analysis of space / with its everyday gestures / the idea arises / a pause / a silent space / (...) / everyday scene / that composes the scene / pavements, street, cables, lights, movement / from there arises the response to space and use. Like a shop window, the corner limits the horizon of those who look at it and walk around it / considering the generous urban position to be located between two tangents that allows anyone who visit the distraction of their gaze. (...) The minimal urban scale / The rubbing with the plot / dynamics of scales / the chrome and colour in the landscape / the work of the graphic to see the space / and how that drawing occupies the space / like a choreography / is traversed with the look / that allows you to perceive the / dimensions / textures and the construction / of the sense / associated to the idea of party / the edges / the limits / an inhabitant who walks / a construction of the sense / of the sense of the city / allows us / to perceive / the different dimensions / of the urban space and the city / and its inhabitants. (...) space in another way / to understand it as a stage / a space where in the choreography / we are not in control / the street the city / urban life / has its own laws that govern it / permeable / variables / ambient noise / its inhabitants / the weather / the sound / the shadow / the sense of urbanity / invites contemplation / to discover the particularities / to incorporate the non-verbal code / to understand the body / the sense / report Constructive / Hollow Brick Walls / Reinforced Concrete Structure / Finishes plastered and painted white on both sides.