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Aplicaciones anidadas



The online course of Leonardo Polo's Philosophy is designed for people who have an interest in this thinker but do not have a guide to start studying him, or who want to progress in the knowledge of his proposals. Given that the thought of this contemporary Spanish author is immense, an introductory course is offered that allows a general discovery of his contributions and the innovation that they represent for contemporary Philosophy . 

Leonardo Polo's thought not only proposes solutions to philosophical aporias of different historical moments: that is, it dialogues with modernity, offering answers to its interests, but also connects it with classical and medieval thought, which it expands. In this way, it offers a rigorous and hopeful alternative to the current Philosophy , which is somewhat in crisis because it has serious difficulties in posing the great theoretical questions.

Polo's Philosophy also offers a theoretical proposal which, without ceasing to be philosophical, gathers and deploys Christian inspiration, effectively showing the harmony between Christian faith and intellectual research, thus recovering the value of the philosophical research for the appropriation of faith by the believer and for its realisation in the internship.



This course aims to provide student with a global understanding of the main areas that Polo studied and on which he made original contributions: Anthropology, Metaphysics, Theory of knowledge, Ethics and Human Sciences.

And to understand Leonardo Polo's contributions, the fruit of his intellectual search, about the truth of man and his relationship with God, with others and with the world.

This will make it possible to identify and order other areas of knowledge from the broad horizon provided by Polo's thinking.

And it will encourage critical thinking, introducing a demanding and rigorous form of philosophical research .

skill Finally, this course is also aimed at acquiring a research skills that will enable the writing of academic articles and will provide the instructions to undertake more extensive research.