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  • No places are available for the academic year 2022/23. No places are available for the academic year 2022/23.

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What will you learn?

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences trains the humanists of the future. It offers quality teaching applied to the specific needs of our time.

The Degree in Philology aims to train future generations of philologists, linguists and literary critics who can also be professionals in the speech. To study Philology is to train in the use of language, words and linguistic expression, the permanent driving force of creativity. Likewise, those who study the birth and development of literary genres, those who read in depth the great creations of literature, understand the human being from the inside.

You will acquire skills such as:

  • To know the theoretical currents and methods that have been used to explain and describe language and languages.

  • To know the epistemological and methodological foundations of Linguistics as a science.

  • To understand the problems associated with the concept of idiomatic correctness and to be aware of the plurinormative reality of Spanish.

  • Understand and know the relationship between languages and reality, cultures, history and societies.

  • To know the cultural heritage of the Greco-Latin world, as well as its influence on Spanish literature and language .

  • To know the artistic manifestations and reflections on art that have influenced literature throughout history.

  • To know the cultural contributions of Spanish literature.

You will be able to work in...

The Degree at Philology Hispanic offers a dynamic range of constantly changing employment opportunities . In the 21st century, linguists are in all professional fields with a major impact on Education and teaching, computing, medicine and new technologies that really serve the society we live in. For those with a special interest in literature, there are many career possibilities in publishing, teaching, translation, law and various other sectors of society. Here is a partial list of the fields open to the philologist of the 21st century: 

researcher multidisciplinary:

  • Computer science: computational linguistics, software programmes, artificial language, voice recognition systems, robot language.

  • Medicine and health sciences: speech production, speech perception, cognitive sciences, speech disorders.

  • Biology: evolution of language.

  • Psychology: language perception, cognitive representation of language, language coding problems, language acquisition/loss.

  • Physiology: spatio-temporal coordination of the tract board member, anatomical speech problems.

  • Neurosciences: neurological disorders affecting speech development . 

  • Mathematics: optimisation systems, probabilistic models of language, dynamic models of cognition and language.   


  • Second languages

  • Linguistics (and multidisciplinary fields)

  • Literature

  • Editorial staff

  • language

  • Text analysis  

Law, Defence and Criminology:

  • forensic phonetics, legal interpreters/translators, speech analysts in law firms.


  • National and international press

What makes us different?

  1. Excellence on teaching and on research: academic staff of Philology has obtained the highest possible score awarded by the Ministry of Education.

  2. Preparing students for the world of work. Since 1964 we have had experience in the teaching of Spanish for foreigners, one of the clearest employment opportunities of Degree. You will discover the world of teaching Spanish at contact with students from all five continents.

  3. Internationally recognised research excellence, especially in the case of GRISO, group of research del Siglo de Oro, which was created at the University of Navarra in 1990.

  4. International Program: English-taught subjects, seminars, internships and international placements boost our students' international development .

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