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Nested applications

Title - The programme


The programme

The university's Join Us Program is aimed at attracting and retaining the talent of young recent graduates who may join the University in future positions at management or management positions. The program seeks that these people acquire a global vision of the University by rotating through the different areas of the University: Services, Schools and Office of the Executive Council.

This program, promoted by the Service of Personnel Management Service, includes a personalized plan of training and development professional ambitious and concrete, with a duration of three consecutive courses in order to train future managers.

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Title - Activities


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Information session on January 25, 2023

Information sessions

MARCH 1, 2023 [Register here].

Time: 13.30 h.
Place: classroom de Degrees-Campus Ibaeta (San Sebastián)


FEBRUARY 7, 2023

Time: 14.30 h.
Place: classroom Plana 01, Edificio Alumni (Madrid)


Session given by Georgina Calderón, manager of training and development of Personnel Management Service.


JANUARY 25, 2023

Time: 13.00 h
Place: classroom 30, Central Building (Pamplona)


Introduction: Berta Sanchez Lasheras, deputy director of area of training and development of the University of Navarra's Personnel Management Service Service.
colloquium with two former participants of the program.

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Icon ok Recent graduates from the University of Navarra.

Icon ok Graduates of the University of Navarra with a maximum of 2 years' experience.


Icon ok Good academic transcript (minimum of 7)

Icon ok knowledge from the University's statement of core values .

Icon okHigh level of English (C1).

Icon ok Skills needed for leadership: conflict management, initiative, communication and a sense of service.

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Title - Timeline and structure


Timeline and structure

Timetable: three academic years and the possibility of training abroad for two summers.

Structure: rotations in different areas: government (Office of the Executive Council), management (Services) and teaching (Schools).

Double accompaniment: by a manager of the place where you are rotating and by a mentor who accompanies you throughout the program.

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Title - Professional projection


Professional projection

Once they have completed the Join Us program, if there is a vacancy, they can join the University's project educational , in a position with projection and development management, in a position of profile manager. If there is no vacancy, they can receive advice on how to continue their development professional career outside the University.

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Title - Testimonials


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Fidel Alonso-Allende Picó

Fidel Alonso-Allende Picó Join Us (2011-2014)

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn how the University of Navarra is governed and how decisions are made, as well as to develop your professional and managerial skills.

María Elena Gómez López

María Elena Gómez López Join Us (2011-2014)

I discovered the backstage of the University of Navarra, made up of excellent people who work so that students can live one of the best experiences of their lives.

Fernando Guerra

Fernando Guerra Perez Join Us (2013-2016)

Join Us has allowed me to meet many employees of the University of Navarra, as well as giving me a 360-degree view of the entire institution. And always accompanied and guided by great professionals.

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Juan José Cabrera Moreno

Juan José Cabrera Moreno Join Us (2011-2014)

It is a program of training that gives you financial aid to have a 360º vision of the organization, having gone through a Center, a Service and the Office of the Executive Council and that allows you to have training stays abroad during the summer.

Ane Murua Arabaolaza

Ane Murua Arabaolaza Join Us (2012-2015)

This is an excellent opportunity to start your career, giving you a 360° view of the organisation through rotational positions and working with selected managers.

Ana García Blanco

Ana García Blanco Join Us (2014-2017)

For me it has been the best way to land in the working life. I have been able to discover the part of the University that escaped me as a student and all the work behind its great project.

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Marián García Fernández

Marián García Fernández Join Us (2016-2019)

During the years that the program lasted, I was part of different teams and the managers on whom I have depended (shadowing), have transmitted to me the way of working that the University has, where service stands out, especially important when you occupy positions of this nature. subject