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Welcome to the 5th edition of #LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival. On Tuesday, February 20th we celebrated at the Museo Universidad de Navarra the gala of submission awards of the festival.


7:00 p.m.

University of Navarra Museum

summary from the submission of awards

We opened the festival with the gala of submission awards, a fun show to honor all the winners of the festival. The winners of each category of the contest were announced and the award Pasión por la Ciencia (Passion for Science ) was awarded to Juan Luis Arsuaga. In addition, the scientist and humorist Helena González Burón presented the gala, which included the participation of Alodeyá Circo to delight the audience.

We encourage you to also participate in the different scientific activities that we have organized for all audiences. We look forward to seeing you!



Wednesday, February 21st

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas



Nuclear Now

United States, 105 min. 2022. Abramorama and Everest Communications Limited.

7:00 p.m.

Golem Baiona (Pamplona)

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Speakers at the event: Diego Mazadirector of department of Physics and Applied Mathematics of the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra; and Maximilien Arvelaizproducer of the film.
Moderator: Clara González Tosatfrom the School of Communication of the University of Navarra.


As fossil fuels continue to bake the planet, the world is finally being forced to confront the influence of big oil and the strategies that have enriched a small group of corporations and individuals for generations.

Beneath our feet, uranium atoms in the Earth's crust contain incredibly concentrated energy. Science unlocked this energy in the mid-20th century, first to make bombs and then to power submarines, and the United States led the effort to generate electricity from this new energy source. However, as societies began the transition to nuclear power and away from fossil fuels, a long-term campaign to scare the public began, funded in part by the coal and oil industries. This campaign would sow fear about harmless low-level radiation and create confusion between nuclear weapons and nuclear power.

With unprecedented access to the nuclear industry in France, Russia and the United States, director Oliver Stone explores the possibility of the global community overcoming challenges such as climate change and achieving a better future through the power of nuclear energy.



Thursday, February 22nd

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Aplicaciones anidadas



Maa-yiem, the extraordinary story of Jordi Sabater Pi

Spain, 59 min, 2022. Turkana Films.

7:00 p.m.

Golem Baiona (Pamplona)

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speaker: Alfonso Pardirector of the documentary.
Moderator: Lucía Gastón Lorentefrom the School of Communication of the University of Navarra.



The primatologist Jordi Sabater Pi lands in Equatorial Guinea at the age of 17, fleeing from the post-war period. Dazzled by Africa, notebook in hand, he entered the kingdom of the pygmies living with the chimpanzees. His field notebooks revealed for the first time to the world behaviors that changed forever what was known until then about these great primates. In 1966 he discovered Snowflake (Floquet de Neu), an albino gorilla that would become an icon.



Friday, February 23rd

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Aplicaciones anidadas


Made to Measure.

Germany, 52 min, 2021. Laokoon and WDR.

7:00 p.m.

Golem Baiona (Pamplona)

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speaker: José Antonio Cruceiramanager brigade of the Economic and Technological Crime Team of the Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil in Navarra.
Moderator: Enrique Guerrero PerezProfessor at School of Communication at the University of Navarra.



During the realization of an experiment combining research and art, the group Laokoon creates the double of an unknown person based solely on his or her personal online data . Five years of this person's life are reconstructed exclusively with data from Google and filmed on a large theater stage. Based on this spectacular experiment that culminates with the meeting of the experiment participant and his double, the documentary "Made to Measure" explores what Google, Facebook and hundreds of companies that trade with data do with the personal data of billions of people.

A former Google engineer (Guillaume Chaslot), a Google marketing specialist (Patrick Berlinquette), an expert in psychological segmentation (Sandra Matz) and renowned privacy activists (Frederike Kaltheuner, Eliot Bendinelli, Max Schrems), reflect and explain why the advertising companies' use of our data are anything but harmless. But couldn't the behavioral data also be used for the benefit of mankind? What forms of manipulation do we consider socially acceptable or even desirable?



Saturday, February 24

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Aplicaciones anidadas



Screening-colloquium Ocean Odyssey

Australia, 40 min, 2021. Wild Pacific average and Gin Clear Film.

7:00 p.m.

Golem Baiona (Pamplona)

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speaker: María C. Uyarrabiologist.
Moderator: Lourdes EsquedaProfessor at the University of Navarra.


"Ocean Odyssey" follows a pair of humpback whales (a mother and calf) on their great migration from the warm tropics to the icy waters of Antarctica, through an ocean current that harbors thousands of interconnected species.

As we cross multiple ecosystems, it becomes clear that the ocean is the blue heart of our entire planet, necessary for life as we know it, both at sea and on land. Our journey takes us from the smallest microscopic organisms to the largest animals ever to inhabit the planet, showing that their fragile interdependence is crucial to maintaining the health not only of the oceans, but also of our climate systems and our atmosphere.