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Cancer and its consequences are a social problem that affects millions of new people every year around the world. challenge The Master's Degree in Advanced Nursing Practice in Oncology has been created to address this health issue goal , with the aim of providing new ideas and solutions.

Studying this master's degree will provide you with comprehensive training in the clinical field of oncology, with the aim of goal promote radical changes and promoting continuous improvement in the attention and care of patients and their families.

Aplicaciones anidadas


What you will learn

With this master's degree, in addition to comprehensively addressing the needs and care of oncology patients, you will become the leader that is increasingly in demand in the health sector. It will provide you with an expert clinicalknowledge to make advanced clinical judgements, with the skills and attitudes to make complex decisions, to perform the functions of consultant and to collaborate and work in multidisciplinary teams.

Through advanced practice in the clinical field of oncology, you will respond to new health needs in an efficient and humanistic way.

You will have the support of financial aid of high-level professionals, nurses, doctors and experts in the healthcare field who will accompany you on the master's degree. You will become a professional capable of changing and improving the healthcare environment in the field of oncology with research, analysis and leadership skills.


Professional projection

As it is a professionalising master's degree, you will be prepared for advanced practice, obtaining the tools to work in any oncology unit, leading research and progress in the care development . It will also provide you with training for teaching and research.

At School we have agreements with hospitals and clinics of great national prestige that will allow you to practice your profession in order to continue your development. 

Our Study program also has 200 hours of compulsory clinical practice in oncology units that will serve as a basis for you to continue your advanced practice profile .