Nested applications


The University has a Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) whose goalis to systematise the review and improvement of the degrees it offers. The SAIC includes the planning and designof the educational offer, the review and assessmentof its developmentand decision making for continuous improvement. The SAIC also contributes to compliance with the regulatory requirements for the verification, monitoring and accreditationof recognised degrees.

Each Schoolhas a Quality Assurance Committee, which is a delegated body of the boardBoard of Directors of each centre for the developmentof the Internal Quality Assurance System of Master's Degree.


Application materials

→ Official name of the degree scroll: Master's DegreeUniversity in internshipAdvanced Oncology Nursing

→ Branch of knowledge: Health Sciences

→ Academic centre: Schoolof Nursing of the University of Navarra.

→ Orientation: Professional

→ issueof places offered: 20

→ Credits ECTS credit: 60

→ Duration: 1 year (October to September)

→ Regimen: On-site 

Languages: Spanish.

The implementation of a new official degree scroll requires the submission of the corresponding application to committee of Universities. This is the beginning of the so-called verification process, which includes the assessment by National Agency for Assessment of Quality and Accreditation (National Agency for Quality assessment and accreditation) of the verification report , where the university describes the characteristics of degree scroll (Study program, access rules and Admissions Office, human resources, etc.).

After the verification process, the implementation of the degree scroll requires authorisation by the Autonomous Community, followed by its inclusion in the Registry of Universities Centers and Qualifications (RUCT).

Finally, the initial accreditation is subject to renewal every four years in the case of Master's degrees.

*Both the report verification and the reports issued in the different processes are linked below:

registration in the Register of Universities (PDF)

report verification (PDF)

Resolution of the committee of Ministers (PDF).