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Agreements with companies

BBVA and the University of Navarra collaborate to train their employees and promote the research in computer science. data

The University of Navarra and BBVA are strategic partners in the field of advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence. For this reason, BBVA has entrusted the Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DATAI) of the University of Navarra to train its employees, creating its own group in the official Master's Degree in Big Data Science, among other joint training and research actions. In addition, the rest of the Master's students will be able to enter specific selection processes for internships or their Master's Thesis with BBVA.

Moreover, the University has a job listings and has multiple agreements with companies from different sectors, with which students are also developing their TFM.

Aplicaciones anidadas



Within the program you will learn from the companies that are leading this technological disruption in today's world.

Aplicaciones anidadas

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services








Aplicaciones anidadas


Develop your skills entrepreneurial and innovative

Students have the opportunity to participate in the entrepreneurship Fast Track led by Innovation Factory, with goal to promote an entrepreneurial University that generates wealth and employment for our graduates and for society, contributing to the consolidation of an ecosystem capable of attracting the best talent.

"Definitely a very enriching experience, as we worked in teams formed by different profiles, where each one contributed something different and essential for the project.

In my case, I helped monetize everything. In the end, the idea is to make it a business, but if it does not generate money, even if the idea is very good, it is not a business. So I came up with the idea of systematizing the process of services we provided to companies, developing space sales metrics and systematization to reduce costs.

If you have the opportunity, I highly encourage you to do it. You're going to meet new people, you're going to learn, and I think you may even come out of here a person who creates a real business idea that will someday be recognized. "


 Participación en  Datathones 

in Datathones


Students from Master's Degree in Big Data Science win first and second place award in the latest Challenge 22.2 from TracFone Wireless, Inc., a subsidiary of América Móvil and the largest mobile operator in the Americas.

The challenge, which also involved students from the University of New South Wales (Australia), involved using Machine Learning techniques to predict which customers might meet the requirements for the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, which provides broadband services and connectivity to low-income households to keep them connected during the pandemic.

"I would highlight the subject preparation and cleaning of data, because performing a correct feature engineering was what allowed us to reach the solution." He also highlights the value of tools and skills developed at Master's Degree.

For five weeks, students from different universities compete with goalto come up with solutions in Science of the data projects. This edition of the challenge (from degree scroll: Predicting Eligibility for the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program) is aligned with TracFone's social initiative 'Coverage & Access for All!', which aims to help households with little or no income stay connected.

Conectamos el  mundo  universitario  y el  empresarial 

We connect the world university and the business

Our mission is to provide students and graduates of the University of Navarra with the best opportunities and tools for employment and the development of their professional career; and to serve as a point of meeting between the business world and the university world.

Our raison d'être is the transfer of young talent to society.


Bootcamp employment opportunities

Top-level speakers will present strategies to stand out in a recruitment process, best practices for CV writing and professional tips on networking and development .


We organise networking activities and events. These meetings help to engage and connect alumni, teachers and companies.


At the University of Navarra we are committed to the training of all alumni and we want to accompany you in your professional development . For this reason, Schools is working to develop a wide range of continuing education and studies at postgraduate program in response to current needs.

In addition, all alumni members receive a 12% discount on the University of Navarra's Master's programs and a 10% discount on those offered by IESE Business School.


 Individual Mentoring Programme Individual Mentoring

The Master's Degree provides students with a personal mentor to guide, support and provide committee in their professional development . The aim of goal is that each student can make the most of their stay at the University of Navarra and make the most of their next professional challenges.

Empleadores ALUMNI

Main employers of our students