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The University has a Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) whose goal is to continuously review and improve the degrees it offers. The SAIC includes the planning and design of the educational offer, the review and evaluation of its development and decision making for continuous improvement. The SAIC also contributes to compliance with the regulatory requirements for the verification, monitoring and accreditation of official degrees.

Each School has a Quality Assurance Commission, which is a delegated body of the management committee of each centre for development of the Internal Quality Assurance System in the School.

rules and regulations

  • The permanence of the students in the official Degrees of Master's Degree of the University of Navarra is limited to a period that includes the academic year or the academic courses foreseen in the report of each Master's Degree, necessary for the completion of these programs of study.

  • However, once deadline has been used up, it may be extended by one more year for those students who have obtained the majority of the credits of Master's Degree and justify that they have not been able to dedicate themselves to programs of study for sufficiently accredited reasons.

  • The extension must be requested, within the last year of permanence, by means of written request addressed to Office of the Executive Council of the University, which will decide after report of the board Directive of the center.

  • Where there are sufficient reasons and experience suggests it, schools may propose their own specifications to these standards to Office of the Executive Council .

  • Students with special educational needs or attending programs of study part-time , who cannot comply with these provisions, should consider each year their status before formalizing the enrollment, in order to adapt it to their possibilities of dedication to study.